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A world renown golf course architect said it best...."I wouldn't change a thing, even if I wanted to, they wouldn't let me build a course like this today. It's a classic." ~ Pete Dye

Pictures are lovely and words are nice, but there is nothing like seeing the course firsthand.  After you browse through the holes digitally, give us a call to schedule a tour.
Membership:  Katie Dooley, 314.383.1500 x212 or email her HERE.
Golf Tournaments:  Tim Grossman, 314.383.1500 x214 or email him HERE.

Hole-by-Hole Tour

Hole #1

Par: 4

The opening hole sets the stage for all others and gives you some idea of what to expect at the holes beyond. The tee shot at the first must negotiate a left to right slope if you hope to find the fairway. Accomplishing that you discover your approach is an uphill tester to a small green which slopes from back to front, and offers you little in the way of safety. Missing right is certain bogey while long could provide even higher scores. The false front stops many a shot, which when struck, leaves the golfer believing its pin high! But better short than long as chipping below the pin is always preferred. Par here is well received. 

Blue: 380 White: 368 Red: 336 Gold: 268
Men's Handicap: 7 Ladie's Handicap: 3

The course is calling

Come Play with us!

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